Terms of Business

General business conditions

The business conditions of the company GA&KO company doo, Sabac, Francuska 2, Company number: 20581328 (hereinafter: “Seller”), are compiled in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act. These business conditions apply to customers in the Republic of Serbia.
Customers can become companies and induvidual persons in the Republic of Serbia who accept our business conditions, which they confirm by ordering items.
We deliver to courier services exclusively on the territory of the Republic of Serbia.

Methods of payment

1. Payment according to the issued pro forma invoice.
2. Payment upon receipt of the goods by the courier service.
3. Deferred payment for a maximum of 30 days with the prior approval of the sales director.

How is cash payment made for individuals?

Ordered goods are paid by cash on delivery. If the ordered goods are paid for in cash, it means that you will pay the order to the courier when you pick up the package.

How do legal entities pay?

Legal entities pay by bank transfer. By pro forma invoice or postponed for up to 30 days with the prior approval of the sales director. In the case of advance payment, we send the goods only after the payment has been posted.

The price

Prices on the site are not stated. Contact the sales department for an offer. (Contacts – Sales) The Seller reserves the right to change the prices of its products without prior notice to the Buyer (unless otherwise defined in the contract) The Seller bears the costs of packaging and packaging.

Pick-up and delivery

You can pick up the goods you order every working day in the period from 8 am to 4 pm at the address Francuska 2, 15000 Sabac. Check the quantities and availability of the product before arrival.
We can send the goods you order during the day until 01:00 PM to courier services at your request. For all products if we have in stock delivery is limited to 2 working days. In case you do not receive the goods within the specified period, you need to contact us by phone or e-mail. Delivery is not limited by the weight and quantity of the package.

How is the delivery made?

Delivery is made via “BEX” courier, or some other courier service, to the address you specified when ordering. If you are not at home during the delivery, you will receive a notification that the package is waiting for you at the courier or you will be called to your contact phone number that you left when ordering. In that case, we ask you to pick it up as soon as possible, because the couriers will automatically return the package to the sender (us) after 4 days of staying in their warehouse.

Delivery deadlines?

Orders are usually delivered within 1-2 working days after order confirmation.

Delivery expenses

The buyer bears the transport costs according to the valid conditions of the courier service (unless otherwise defined by the contract) We cooperate with the courier service “BEX”. You can pay us postage through a pro forma invoice or invoice. Find out about transport prices when ordering goods. In agreement with the commercial, delivery can be arranged through the courier service of your choice. In this case, the buyer organizes and bears all delivery costs, and the courier service picks up the goods exclusively from us in the warehouse.

Special orders

For all special orders (products that are not in the standard assortment of the seller), the buyer undertakes to submit to the seller an order form in which all special requirements of the buyer are entered precisely, clearly and completely, based on which the seller will confirm delivery.
The seller will not be liable to the buyer if the goods do not meet his requirements due to unclear or incomplete definition of the characteristics of the goods in the special purchase order.
The submitter is obliged to inform the buyer about the deadlines for production and delivery of goods from the previous paragraph.
The buyer is obliged to pick up the ordered goods no later than 7 days from the day when the goods were made available to him in the seller’s warehouse.
If the buyer does not take over the goods within the period stipulated in the previous paragraph, he agrees that the seller invoices it to him and that he pays for the invoiced goods within the stipulated period determined by the Seller.

Return of goods – the right to cancel the purchase

The buyer has the right to return the purchased products without damage, ie. without opening the package in which the products are packed. Except in the case when he orders items that are sold exclusively to measure, and by the order of the Buyer are cut to a certain dimension or are imported by the order of the Buyer. Such orders are considered Special Orders and cannot be refunded.
In case of return of goods, the buyer bears the costs of returning the goods (delivery costs from the buyer to the seller). Products must be unused and unopened, in the original packaging, sent to the address with the costs paid. If the goods are paid through a giro account, the buyer submits the bank account number and the name of the bank to which the refund is required. The seller refunds the total amount without shipping costs no later than 15 days of receipt of the goods. The seller is not obliged to accept goods with a ransom or shipments that do not meet the conditions under which the return of goods can be made. In case the buyer cancels the purchase, and the money has been paid, he is obliged to submit a request for a refund. In the event that the buyer makes a payment of an amount less than the amount stated in invoice, it will be considered that the sale has not been concluded until the amount is paid in full.

Quality policy

Employees communicate with customers as well as all their obligations to customers of products in a professional manner that will ensure that customer requirements and expectations are always met within the prescribed deadlines, as and whenever possible. GA&KO employees will strive to improve business relationships with their customers in order to provide the highest quality products with the best prices. GA&KO employees will comply with legal regulations and ethical principles in order to maintain a good status and reputation in the business environment. GA&KO’s management will set the goals needed to satisfy product users and manage all resources in a way that will reduce operating costs as well as efficiency. The goal of GA&KO’s management is to improve the expertise and motivation of staff, starting from the point of view that people are the most valuable resource on whose satisfaction the quality of our services depends. At a time when corporate social responsibility is more than ever in the public spotlight, GA&KO is introducing the practice of publishing short reports on social responsibility, with the intention of presenting its contribution to this modern concept and its approach to business.
All changes in the terms of sale will be changed on the website www.gako.rs


Packages that are sent at your request by BEX express mail or some other courier service must be checked before collection. If you notice damage, the courier is obliged to write a Record of damage to the shipment, and the buyer is obliged to read and sign it if he agrees. The record cannot be made after the departure of the courier, so the complaint will not be accepted.

Making a complaint

In order to exercise the rights related to the conformity of goods and warranty, the consumer has the right to file a complaint, and additional rules apply to products (goods) purchased via means of distance communication (via the Internet, telephone, mail or other means of distance communication). In the event that the consumer lodges a complaint, GA&KO undertakes to eliminate at its own expense all defects arising from the prescribed use of the product and replace the appropriate product with a new one if necessary. Before filing a complaint, we recommend checking all the necessary conditions for the smooth and prescribed operation of the purchased products. By sending the product to the courier services, the Buyer bears the risk of possible damage to the product.

Submission of products for complaint

In order for the consumer to exercise the right to make a complaint, it is necessary, when submitting the product to the complaint, to enclose with it all the documentation that comes with the product, undamaged packaging, original or copy of invoice confirming the purchase of the product being complained. In addition, it is desirable to provide as detailed a description of the defect as possible in order to facilitate and expedite the inspection of product defects by authorized persons. The description of the defect, the name of the product, the manufacturer, the model designation, the serial number and other data shall be entered in the appropriate form. GA&KO undertakes to provide this form and fill it in upon receipt of the product for complaint. When receiving the product for a complaint, the consumer receives one of the copies of the form as proof of submitting the product for a complaint.

Sending the product to the complaint

When sending a product to a complaint, the same provisions apply as in the case of submitting a product to a complaint. Products sent for complaint by courier service, post office or other package distribution must be properly packaged. Otherwise, the package distribution service may refuse to receive such a package.
The product is sent for a complaint at the customer’s expense, unless a new defective product has arrived. Then you can send it completely free of charge at our expense through the courier service BEX with the obligatory prior agreement with our customer service via email info@gako.rs or by phone +381 015 / 602-802
The package distribution service assumes responsibility for all possible physical damage to the product that occurs during transport.

Resolving a complaint

GA&KO is obliged to respond to the consumer without delay, and no later than within 15 days from the receipt of the complaint, with a statement on the submitted request for complaint and a proposal for its resolution (Law on Consumer Protection, Article 58). Replacement of the product before checking the documentation and the stated defects is not possible, unless otherwise stated in the price list or warranty (eg if for a particular product it is indicated that in case of a complaint it can be replaced within the warranty period). In case that the authorized service determines that the product brought to the advertisement is correct, the diagnostics of the product can be charged according to the valid price list of the service, as well as the possible transport of the product.

Taking product from the complaint

GA&KO undertakes to inform the user of the complaint that the product, which was submitted for complaint, was repaired or replaced, no later than the next working day after the service or receipt of the repaired product by an authorized service. The user of the complaint is obliged to hand over the form to the authorized person when taking over the product from the complaint – otherwise the user will not be able to take over the product from the complaint.
The user is obliged to pick up the repaired / replaced product no later than 30 (thirty) days from the moment he receives the notification on the resolution of the complaint. After the expiration of this period, GA&KO does not assume any responsibility for the given product.
Note: The user of the complaint is obliged to establish the completeness when taking over the product: in case of replacement for a new product – physical damage, and in case of repair – the condition in which the product was when handed over to the complaint. Subsequent complaints in this regard will not be accepted.

When is it not possible to make a complaint?

Complaints are not accepted in case of shortage, physical damage and malfunctions caused by improper and unprofessional handling, improper maintenance, use of inappropriate consumables, as well as in case of intervention by unauthorized persons or services. Also, the complaint cannot be realized if the damage or malfunction occurred due to faulty electrical installations, unstable voltage, due to electric shock and natural disasters such as fires, floods, earthquakes, etc. The seller will not accept complaints of ceramic, porcelain, glass and any other fragile goods if it was not made immediately after taking over the goods and if immediately after receiving the goods a record was not made with the courier service that brought the damaged shipment. The seller reserves the right to distinguish the color shade of the item shown in the catalog or on the website in relation to the actual shade of the goods and these complaints will not be considered.

The right to return the product (goods) when the contract is concluded at a distance

Each purchase represents the conclusion of a contract for the sale of goods. A contract concluded at a distance is any contract (purchase) concluded via the Internet, telephone, mail or other means of distance communication. The Law on Consumer Protection gives the consumer the right to terminate the distance purchase contract within 14 days from the day of concluding the contract (purchase), without any explanation. The statement on unilateral termination of the contract is considered timely, if it is sent within the mentioned deadline or if the product is returned to GA&KO within the same deadline. In the case of a distance selling contract, the period of 14 days is calculated from the day when the product reaches the consumer. In the case of a service contract (distance), the deadline starts from the moment of concluding the contract.
If the consumer has decided to terminate the contract, he is obliged to send a statement on the unilateral termination of the contract in writing, which includes the electronic form.
Delivery costs in the event of termination of the distance purchase contract shall be borne by the consumer. The product can only be returned in undamaged original packaging, with all the accompanying documentation in the original packaging and if it is in the same condition as it was delivered, without physical or any other damage. The product must be unusable.
GA&KO is obliged to return to the consumer without delay the amount paid by the consumer, and no later than 30 days from the date of receipt of the statement of unilateral termination of the contract.
Unilateral termination of a distance contract, unless otherwise agreed, is not possible only in the following cases:
• if it is a matter of providing services and if, with the express consent of the consumer, the provision of the service has started before the expiry of the deadline for unilateral termination of the contract;
• in the case of the sale of goods or the provision of services whose price depends on changes in the financial market, which cannot be influenced by GA&KO;
• if it is a sale of goods which is kept as: “Special order”
For all additional information about complaints, you can contact us.